Warum sehen Sie diese Werbung?

Legal situation

Data protection is an important issue for KUPONA GmbH. As a German company we see ourselves as having an obligation to our customers to comply with the strict provisions of the German privacy laws. This also means that we are happy to inform our customers and users on which data is stored and the manner in which data is evaluated and processed.

How is data transmitted?

KUPONA uses so-called cookies, to control the display and distribution of advertising media. For this purpose anonymised information is temporarily stored on the user’s computer and evaluated by the user’s browser.

In this manner KUPONA is able to e.g. control how often an advertisement is viewed. So-called frequency capping prevents a user from repeatedly viewing the same advertisement. The CPC-user-barrier prevents the display of banners previously clicked by the user. In some cases KUPONA utilises an additional module for retargeting, in this case the cookie is used to obtain transaction patterns of browsing habits, thus tailoring advertisement according to user interests. Users will then be shown advertisement which they will most likely be interested in.

This advertising feature resembles that of large e-commerce companies. You may recognise the use of the principle:
"Customers who bought this product, also purchased that product...".
This principle helps improve internet advertising for the user.

What data is filed on our cookie?

The cookie exclusively contains numeric identifiers and/or so-called timestamps which prohibit all personally identifiable references. All information carries an expiration date of only a few minutes, hours or days; the information is automatically deleted by the browser. Furthermore, this information is also stored in cookies using HEIAS®AdServingTechnologie from adnology.

P3P standards for cookies

When working with cookies KUPONA uses the P3P (Platform for Privacy Preferences Project) protocol and strictly complies with currently applicable data protection guidelines in the development of the features used in HEIAS®AdServing Technologie. All data is stored on servers located in Germany and is therefore protected from access by deviating laws.

Our commitment to the subject of data protection

As a responsible company, we inform our customers about the importance of privacy issues and agree to such by contract - including special terms and conditions stating that our privacy policy as well as our purpose to educate is not avoided, but openly communicated and adhered to.

Opt-out cookie

As a special service we offer each user to take advantage of our so-called opt-out cookie. Users who have selected the opt-out cookie, no longer receive cookies from KUPONA and storing transaction data is no longer possible.
Once implemented, the opt-out cookie may affect the display of advertisements in such a way that advertising does not match the user’s interests and the advertising media are often displayed in succession, which may possibly be perceived as intrusive. An opt-out cookie does not prevent the display of advertising.

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